Buying a home when new to Canada

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Written on May 3rd, 2020

One of our preferred mortgage specialist is hosting an online webinar this Wednesday May 6 at 7 pm. Tune in to hear lots of great info on buying on home when new to Canada. The webinar is free! Topics will include:

• How is COVID-19 affecting the GTA housing market
• What do you need to know to be prepared to buy?
• What is the difference between being a temporary resident, permanent resident or citizen?
• How does credit score affect the mortgage amount?
• How much will the bank lend?
• How much down payment should you have?
• How much are closing costs?
• How much is the land transfer tax?
• Will you need a cosigner?

Not able to attend?

Click here to book a private consultation with Sean:

The link to join is

Stay safe & enjoy!