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Written on September 30th, 2022

Today is September 30th.

Truth and reconciliation day. 🧡

This is a day I hug these two little ones tighter. For those who don’t know me, our family, The Millar Team, are an Indigenous family. These are our two little indigenous grandkids.

Today is a day to remember a part of our Canadian history that was so sad. Shocking really.

Today we reflect, discuss and learn and we also take action. We must ensure this never happens again. We must continue to fight to bring home those children that never came home. Lost little souls.

Support Indigenous businesses whenever possible. There is a fantastic shop on Queen St East called Indigenous Art Market 1107 Queen St E. @indigenous_art_market

Follow @tribaltradeco and take part in some of their teachings.

Watch Jeff Vedan’s cousin, @seansecwepemc documentary tonight on Crave TV called Returning Home.

It follows Phyllis Webstad, creator of Orange Shirt Day.

Donate to OrangeShirtDay.org

Every Child Matters. Every. Child. Matters.